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food for health BenefIT

rabbit meat as an opportunity

Omega Rabbit - food for health BenefIT

Background of the project

The ratio of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids in thehuman diet is considered normal when it isabout 4/1. In Western countries, the diet isunbalanced, as this ratio ranges from 15-20/1, helping to increase the incidence ofcardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetesand reduce fertility, especially male fertility.In light of these data, a strategy that couldreduce this ratio is the introduction into thehuman diet of products that have a highcontent of n-3. 


The Ω RABBIT project intends to achieve the following general and specific objectives

To develop a new quality food product –

“Ωrabbit meat”

To optimise the production model of rabbit meat so as to reinforce the whole value chain both for local and foreign markets

To increase the competitiveness of small-scale farmers, manufacturers, local distributors and other intermediate actors


Project Coordinator

University of Milan - ITALY Prof. Gabriele Brecchia

Omega Rabbit - food for health BenefIT

The project ambition is to create new kind of feeds for rabbit supplemented with flax derived products and algae, rich in n-3, able to improve the reproductive and productive performance (also in warming challenge conditions), the resistance to the infection (reduction of the use of antibiotics) and the welfare of the animals. Moreover, these kinds of feeds, will increase the fixation rate of n-3 in the meat, contributing to create a new functional food (Ωrabbit meat) to favour the consumption of beneficial health products to reduce the n-6/n-3 ratio and to improve the nutritional conditions in specific countries areas.

Omega Rabbit - food for health BenefIT

Relation to call and topic

The ΩRABBIT proposal addresses the PRIMA thematic area “Agri-food Value Chain”, with specific reference to the topic 2.3.1(RIA5) – New optimized models of Agri-food supply chain systems offering fair price for consumers and reasonable profit share for producers.

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