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Omega Rabbit - food for health BenefIT
rabbit meat as an opportunity

The ratio of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids in thehuman diet is considered normal when it isabout 4/1. In Western countries, the diet isunbalanced, as this ratio ranges from 15-20/1, helping to increase the incidence ofcardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetesand reduce fertility, especially male fertility.In light of these data, a strategy that couldreduce this ratio is the introduction into thehuman diet of products that have a highcontent of n-3.

In this context, theintegration of the animal diet with flaxand/or algae, products with a high contentof α-linolenic acid, essential precursor of n-3,can have beneficial effects on human andanimal health. The production andconsumption of an innovative functionalfood, Ωrabbit meat, as well as having animpact on health, can lead to animprovement in the food, economic andsocial conditions of the populations of theMediterranean area.