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Omega Rabbit @European Biotechnology Congress 2023


Omega rabbit: food for health benefit.

Curone G. 1, Fehri N.E. 1, Vigo D. 1, Abdel-Kafy E. 2, Agradi S. 1, Jemmali B. 3, Barbato O. 4, Savietto D. 5, Castrica M. 6, Failla S. 7, Menchetti L. 8, Dal Bosco A. 9, Ceccarini M.R.4, Brecchia G1.

1 University of Milano, Italy.

2 Animal Production Research Institute (APRI), Egypt.

3 University of Carthage, Tunisia.

4 University of Perugia, Italy.

5 Université de Toulouse, INRA, France.

6 University of Padova, Italy.

7 CREA, Monterotondo, Italy.

8 University of Camerino, Italy.

9 D3A, University of Perugia, Italy.

The human diet in Western countries has an altered ratio of n-6/n-3 fatty acids (15:1 vs 4:1), with a consequent increase in chronic, cardiovascular, and reproductive diseases. This project intends to produce a new functional food, Ωrabbit meat, which contains high levels of n-3 PUFA, feeding  rabbits with diets rich in n-3. The consumption of Ωrabbit meat can reduce the n-6/n-3 ratio and have beneficial effects on human health. The project intends to improve the productive and reproductive performance, disease resistance, and welfare of the rabbit. The shelf-life of the Ωrabbit meat will be prolonged by using an innovative packaging, favoring national market and exportation. Ωrabbit meat will be produced within ΩRABBIT Consortium under its logo and regulations. This new food supply chain includes different actors (farmers, feed mills, breeders, sectioning companies, and traders) that can increase their profitability. Finally, thanks to the project, the socio-economic and health conditions of countries participating in the project can improve.

Lubiana 4-6 Ottobre 2023