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“Omega rabbit”, the University of Perugia studies the nutrition of the future (Origina Article from « Messaggero Umbria »)


It is called Omega Rabbit, it is based on rabbit meat, and it could become a food capable of representing an innovative solution for the agri-food systems of the Mediterranean area and responding to some of the great challenges that are being played out in these regions, starting with that of nutrition. The study involves a research group from the Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences of the University of Perugia. It includes associate professors Cesare Castellini and Alessandro Dal Bosco, post-doc researchers Simona Mattioli and Alice Cartoni Mancinelli, doctoral student Elisa Cotozzolo, research fellow Claudia Ciarelli, head of the experimental structures Giovanni Migni and technicians Osvaldo Mandoloni and Cinzia Boldrini. «The Perugia research unit – reports the university – participates in the “Prima Ria & Ia – part II” entitled Omega Rabbit: food for health Benefit, which sees Italy as the participating countries (leader University of Milan, and with the presence of the University of Perugia), France, Tunisia and Egypt.